Silver Salmon Saloon

The amazing 130 year old antique bar in the lounge is constructed of Scottish Cherry wood. It was shipped around Cape Horn in the 1880’s.

It was first used in Anna Bays Social Club, a house of ill repute here in Astoria in the latter part of the 19th Century. It was abandoned in the 1920’s at the Port of Astoria.

In the late 1940’s it was found and refurbished over a three year period and installed in the early 1950’s in its present location, along with the hard to find glass door cooler it rests on.

Today, you can feel the history, as you join friends for a drink at this historic bar, and enjoy one of our incredibly-priced, delicious Happy Hour plates, or try your luck in our lottery slots room. Come in and try out one of Astoria’s great lounges!